Getting the first podcast sponsor

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I’m so excited to share that the Software Engineering Unlocked podcast got its first sponsor. And the best part is not only that this means I can concentrate even more on producing and growing the podcast, but that the sponsor … Continued

Product Hunt Launch Results

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I’ve launched my first product, the Software Engineering Unlocked Podcast, on Product Hunt a few days ago. You can see the submission here. For it being the first launch, it went reasonably well. My number one goal was to see … Continued

Birthday sentiments

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Tomorrow is my birthday! I often use this time of the year to reflect and see how things have changed from one year to another. Yes, this last year has been a rollercoaster. As the years before. Pretty much as … Continued

Recording the first episodes

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Last week, I recorded the first three episodes of the Software Engineering Unlocked Podcast. I was quite nervous at first. Especially as I am not a native speaker. So, I did around ten dry runs and five mini-interviews with people … Continued

Getting Ready for Product Hunt

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I make good progress with my podcast preparation. The website of the podcast is up and running as off today. I invited 6 guests and scheduled already 3 interviews. I made test interviews, a teaser, some documents for preparation for … Continued

It’s gonna be a podcast

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Okay, I am ready. I know what’s next. I’ll launch a podcast about how people build software at different companies. Here is my very rough landing page. Don’t forget to subscribe if you dig it. For the last few months, … Continued