Recording the first episodes

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Last week, I recorded the first three episodes of the Software Engineering Unlocked Podcast.

I was quite nervous at first. Especially as I am not a native speaker.

So, I did around ten dry runs and five mini-interviews with people as a test.
After I felt comfortable, I had the first real interview. Unfortunately, I had some audio quality problem with the first episode. The microphone picked up the noise when I slightly touched the desk or when I moved in my chair. Luckily, I can resolve it by spending more time editing.

To stop this from happening in the future, I bought a microphone stand so the vibrations of the desk get not caught by the microphone that easily. I also make sure to move even less during talking 😉

I am glad I did the first episodes. And I am happy with the outcome. Now comes the editing, which I already started. Since I am new to this, it takes quite some time.

Here is my set-up, for all the ones interested:

  • A Blue Yeti Microphone (it has a great sound but as said picks up noise easily),
  • A microphone stand (having the mic on the table caused the audio problems I mentioned before.)
  • Audacity for editing (this is a great open-source software)
  • for recording (the nice thing is, guests do not need an account)

I am very pleased so far with my setup. I also tried Zoom for interviews, but the quality was substantially worse than with zencastr. I also like that zencastr produces two separate audio recordings, one for the guest and one for myself. Otherwise, I couldn’t improve the audio problems I experienced.

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