Michaela HustleUp

I am an solopreneur, software engineer, data scientist and indie hacker. I am also a mum of three little ones. In 2019, while on parental leave and I turned my passions into a business, so I did not have to return to my job as developer and researcher at Microsoft. In 2021, my self-employed income exceeded that of my full-time job at Microsoft. Yet, in 2022, I welcomed my third child into this world, and due to me taking a lot of “leave”, my income dropped to 1/3 of that of 2021. This taught me that I need to build up my passive income streams, which is now my goal for 2023.    

I’m always experimenting and trying out many things, with a very playful attitude. If you want to follow my journey, hop on to my email list, or come back to this blog.

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