Launching Software Engineering Unlocked Podcast Day #5

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So, it’s day five on my journey to launch my podcast and already a lot has happened.

Settling on a name

First of all, I settled on a name. I actually started with “Behind the Scenes” to convey the message that I reveal how software engineering is done at several companies. Something you normally don’t see.

What I did not like about this name is that it did not have any connection to software engineering.

After some brainstorming and some input from the awesome indie hacker community, I decided to use the current tag line of my blog.

Software Engineering Unlocked. And I love it. Not sure why I did not consider it from the beginning.

First of all, it can be interpreted as unlocking doors. The doors of companies that are normally closed.

And second, it also stands for inclusion. We are unlocking software engineering so that everybody can be a part. That information is accessible to everyone.

Well, and with that name, I also bought the domain. I bought and

My current thinking is that is the primary one, and redirects there.

Landing a big guest

Maybe the most important thing that happened the last few days is that one of my biggest idols and role models in tech has agreed to be on my show.

This is so huge. For me and the podcast. I feel so lucky and so grateful.

I also started to make a list of people that I want to invite. This is still work in progress. A few of my friends and colleagues are also already lined up.

Preparing and Practicing

Every day, I practiced for a few minutes by doing fake interviews with myself. Yeah, I am super nervous, and I have to conquer that. I feel I get better and better at it. And start to feel more confident. Still, the real confidence will come after the 15 or 20 interviews I guess.

Things to do

Okay, I can’t write that down here, because it is just such a long list. But surely, I have to make the website and get all the tools in order. So far, I made a test interview using but had quite a few problems on the interviewer and interviewee side. Also, the recording quality seemed low. I have to look more into different options and fall back tooling. I also thought it would be great to record a video at the same time. But maybe that’s just too much for the beginning?

Anyway, I am working on this full speed, and it feels so good. It feels as finally, I hit home. As if I am finally on the right track.

So, if you are into software engineering or building software, don’t forget to sign-up to my podcast. There are already 35 people before you 😉

Also, to keep up to date with my progress, sign-up for my hustle up journey below

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