Getting Ready for Product Hunt

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I make good progress with my podcast preparation. The website of the podcast is up and running as off today. I invited 6 guests and scheduled already 3 interviews. I made test interviews, a teaser, some documents for preparation for my guest and so on.

One thing that’s on my list is to understand how to best launch something on product hunt. So, I’ll use this blog post as a living document. I’ll first add all the resources I find about how others have successfully launched on product hunt. In a second step, I’ll work through each document and work out my own product hunt strategy.

So here comes the living list of product hunt launches of others, as well as Googles top 10 articles on product hunt launches:

  1. DrawKit’s product haunt launch
  2. Discussion 1 on Indie Hackers about ProductHunt Launch
  3. Product Hunt 101: How To Launch Your Product From Early Idea To Revenue
  4. How to Launch on Product Hunt
  5. The Ultimate Guide To Launching on Product Hunt, even if you are nobody in the online space
  6. How to successfully launch on product hunt
  7. How to Launch on Product Hunt
  8. How we ranked 3rd on product hunt
  9. The Ultimate Playbook to blowing your Product Hunt Launch out of the water
  10. How to Launch on Product Hunt Like a Pro
  11. Growth Hack Your Way to the Top of Product Hunt
  12. How to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign on Product Hunt

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