What means success?

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The latest article of Sahil Lavingia explains how he failed to make Gumroad a billion dollar company, and how changing his definition of success made him realize that he is actually successful. He also said: “I can’t wait until I’m successful so I can write about failure.”

(If you can’t read the article because of the paywall, click on the link in my tweet. This one should work 😉 )

Well, measured in revenue or business growth (or what not) I am not “successful” (yet?), but exactly because of this, I feel I am in a great place to write about failing. And more people that are currently “failing” should write about their experience.

Writing about it when you already “successful” is safe, is easy, is comfortable. But, are successful people really the ones that should talk about failure?

And what do failure and success mean anyway?

Already in this article, the definition of success changed. Can it change even more? Can you be successful even without making money? Without a growing business? What are your success metrics?

Personally, for me, I feel successful even though my side projects make no money. I feel successful because my current goal is to spend time with my family, do something I love, and be able to afford my current lifestyle.

The first two, are a clear check. The last one, is a bit of a stretch, as I live off my savings. But, as I still have some runway, I actually feel successful.

And, I could do more. I could earn money. I could be more “successful” in terms of making money and having prestigious titles. But, at the same time, I would fail at reaching my goal number one. Because, right now the only way I know how to make money, would mean to sacrifice spending time with my kids. Or to do something I am not that passionate about. And I decide against these options every day again. Until I have figured out a way to turn passion into a business.

The feeling of success!
Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

Now comes another thought. What does feeing successful actually stand for? I believe it stands for being proud of yourself. Being proud of your work. Being happy. Being content. Being in a good place mentally. And that’s super important. For you, for your family and for your business.

So, what are your thoughts on this topic? Are you successful? Are you failing? Are you happy? How can we feel successful? How can we feel happy while we are on our way? While we haven’t achieved whatever it is that we are after?

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