Facing reality or chasing a dream…

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I have been offered an “amazing” job. Actually, a job that is on the top of my idea list of businesses to build. Now I have been approached to be the directing manager. Currently with no option to be part of the founders or get any shares.

I see many opportunities in this offer. I could learn about how to run such a business while being “securely” employed. (Even though I would feel shady to build a competitor or slight competitor afterward…) I would build a valuable network. Maybe, if I do my job well, I could get shares and actually be part of the company?

Still, I have major doubts.

First, I wanted to build MY business – not somebody else’s. My kids are still small, and I feel I might lose out on time with them taking on too much responsibility and making the life of my family not enjoyable (especially for it not being my business).

I also do not know the founders. They seem pretty successful. They see their role more like angel investors. Their dream is that I take over all responsibilities and built the business from the ground up without them being operationally involved. Sounds great for all the autonomy I supposedly have but also daunting for having all the responsibility without it being my own business. I am also a very committed person. So, I know I will put in all I have.

Okay, to be honest, my heart says, don’t do it. Start your own thing. That was your plan. But, I am scared as shit. I guess what I suffer from is a severe form of FOMO.

Without tempting other options, I am super happy with my current choice and also the slow but steady progress I make. Still, I am at the “figuring out” stage, with no clear path to my financial success.

So, faced with this opportunity, I wonder if my goal of being a successful founder is naive. A dream I chase while passing on “real” (probably in terms of money) opportunities.

Now that I write that, I wonder why I feel competent and capable of making this business work for them, but not for me. Apart from them having a great network, substantial funding, I would be a crucial part of making the business successful, right?

Okay, so much talk just to say, do you feel the same sometimes? How do you handle all the doubts and FOMO? How do you work on your mindset? I struggle a lot with it. I work on it a lot too. But, it gets me once in a while, like this weekend, when I have to make this decision….

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