Choosing the right YouTube format: Is it gonna be a Vlog?

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I’m out of my comfort zone and still have to make many decisions, such as choosing the right YouTube format for my channel. Hugh!
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I am a quite impulsive and decisive person. That’s awesome to get things started but it also means I have to figure many things out along the way. So, for example, I still have to choose the right YouTube format for my HustleUp channel 🙂

I really want to use the power of YouTube

The only thing I know for sure is that I love videos and that I see how video becomes a more and more important part of our daily life. As a result, I also tun more often to video tutorials or consume other content via YouTube.

Me experimenting with a pure Vlog style video.

A new area awaits us – or are we in the middle of it already?

A few years ago, I felt adventures to post a picture of me online. Now, the internet is full of images and pictures of everybody. The comfort zone shifted. Technology and online presence have become a part of our daily life.

Pioneers and trendsetters have been on YouTube for years. So the pioneer train has already passed. I am one of the people that jump on it once it got mainstream. But that’s okay. And I am feeling ready now.

How public do we want to be and what does that even mean?

For years, I have been on the fence whether or not I want to be “visible” or “public” online. Most of my activities have been either non-existent or were locked to a small subset of real close friends behind a log-in system such as Facebook. Now, I upload videos of me (on Facebook and on Youtube) that are visible to everybody on the Internet.

But let’s stop the rant and let’s look at my YouTube progress.

So, I have been researching inspiring YouTube channels, especially from women in tech. I found some awesome and very interesting profiles. I have also analyzed different video formats and found mostly informational, entertaining or vlog like videos about tech.

As I am not a very serious person by nature, I like videos were jokes play a big role. I also like the vlog style, as it seems very authentic. Still, I haven’t decided yet. Still, I think choosing the right YouTube format is crucial. I believe, the best approach for me is just doing a couple more videos and playing around with the different formats and getting a feeling for what feels right for me.

You can watch my first try for a Vlog like video with some humor mixed into it here:

A Vlog style video with some humor? Is that my thing?

Learning how to edit videos

In addition to deciding on the content and format of my channel, I have to learn to edit videos. I chose Davinci Resolve as the editing software and did a few simple editings in my latest video. I did some cuts, added some music (from the free YouTube music library) and added some titles and transitions.

It actually wasn’t that hard. Unfortunately, I run into several problems with Davinci Resolve, so let’s see if I’ll keep using that program.

The format and content is more important

Well, one thing that I realize more and more is that similar to blogging the format and the content is more important than the editing.

During my analysis of other channels, I came across some pretty successful channels that do not have a lot of fancy stuff in their videos. Still, they have a substantial audience.

Keywords or how does that work at YouTube?

Well, my videos have a watch count of less than 20 people for most videos. So, the question as always is how to be found on YouTube. I have no idea yet. It definitely will have to do with the keywords that I put into the title and the description, right? But as my content and focus is still all over the place, that’s super hard. Honestly, I have to say, I like the fact that not so many eyeballs are watching my teeny tiny baby steps and amateurish start.

So, I have some time to figure out how to be found. Surely promoting my channel on other platforms will be important too. I am still hesitant. Insecurity and being out of your comfort zone are two real things. I experience both of them right now. But, what would you do if you weren’t afraid, right?

Feedback from you?

Well, having said that, I dare to send you my videos. That’s the first step, right? If you have time to watch it (and most are super short) I’d love some constructive and positive feedback from you.

How do you feel about getting not just to read my blog but also to see me via video? What kind of content should I put into those videos? More of my entrepreneurial journey? Lessons learned along the way in a more formal way? Or rather conversations aka “rants” about how I feel and progress as an entrepreneur? Maybe a mix of all of that? Would that be confusing?

Anyway, so many questions. Thanks for reading and watching and till next time.

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